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Fro-Yo Challenge and Two Games
by posted 05/21/2022

Good morning 3Ps!

Today we have a double header starting at 2:00 at Kilmer.  Please arrive 15 min in advance if possible.  We were missing the majority of our team at practice on Thursday but I'm hoping you will all come ready to play today!

A couple of important notes for today.  

  • Service Line -- All players must start behind them.  For 6th Grade House Leagues our line is 5 feet from the end line – marked by referees with orange cones – no foot faults.
  • Today is the "Froyo Challenge"  What is the Froyo Challenge?  It’s pretty simple.  In league, the team that records the most multi-touches following the rules outlined below wins a $85 gift certificate for FROZEN YOGURT at Sweet Frog or any other place that serves frozen treats.

    Gift certificates will be given to the top four teams in each league:

  • 1stPlace - $85 gift certificate
  • 2ndPlace - $75 gift certificate
  • 3rd Place - $65 gift certificate
  • 4rd Place - $60 gift certificate (not Select)
  • This should be a great incentive for teams to work on their multiple touches during practices and at matches.  In past seasons, the teams that won the challenge were not always the same teams that had the best end-of-season records.

    Here’s how the Froyo Challenge will be measured in each league:  One Froyo Point is earned with each extra point scored by the team following the 3-touch extra point rule for ES matches: "At the discretion of the referee, an extra point is awarded to a team that executes a multi-touch combination that leads to an immediate win where the opponent does not legally return the ball over the net into play.  For 6th Grade House, any three legal touches earns the extra point. The opportunity to earn an extra point on a multi-touch combination is nullified if the opposing team legally returns the ball over the net and into play.”


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Welcome the 6th Grade Purple Team
by posted 03/20/2022

Hello Volleyball players & parents - Welcome to the 2022 spring volleyball season! My name is Andrea Berton, and along with assistant coach Kasra Toosi, I'll be coaching the 6th Grade House Purple team this spring. After a few years off (I was living in another country), I’m excited to be coaching for McLean Youth Volleyball again.

First, practice and match details - our practices will be at Churchhill Road ES on Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 pm. Our first practice will be on March 24th; please let me know as soon as possible if you have a conflict so I can plan practice accordingly. Our matches will be on Saturdays (or possibly Sundays) starting in mid-April (after FCPS spring break), and you'll get reminders for each of those. 

I will be asking each of you what your personal goals are for the season so that we can ensure that we are helping you to develope as a player this season.  My goal for our team is to have fun while gaining foundational volleyball skills and learning to be good teammates. Whether you have lots of volleyball experience or have never played the game before, we will work together to gain skills and knowledge of the game. The teamwork aspect of volleyball is crucial – and we will focus on how to back each other up on and off the court.

Volleyball is truly a sport for life. I hope you enjoy this season so much you will play through middle school, high school and beyond. The court can be a place to meet new people and connect with old friends no matter where you go.

Any questions, please let me know. I look forward to meeting everyone on Thusday and getting the season going!

Coach Andrea

202-901-8017 (texting is best)

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