McLean Youth Volleyball MYV provides house, select and travel volleyball programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes in the greater McLean Virginia VA area including Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston

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Spring 2016 was another outstanding season.  The program continued to expand with 550 girls and 125 volunteer coaches, including teams from Falls Church City (7th grade house) and Vienna (MS Select). An additional 42 boys were part of Saturday clinics/scrimmages.  Congratulations to all players, coaches and parents.

Below are the Spring 2016 champions and all-star teams:


4th-5th Grade House – Gold Division

  • 1st Place: ESL-1 Dawn (Gurney)
  • 2nd Place: ESL-4 Purple (Abuhamda)
  • 3rd Place: ESL-5 Pink (Carter)


4th-5th Grade House – Silver Division

  • 1st Place: ESL-3 Phoenix (Schmid)
  • 2nd Place: ESL-12 Twilight (Luna-Robinson)
  • 3rd Place: ESL-11 Turquoise (Nguyen)


6th Grade House

  • 1st Place: ESU-5 Surf (Gilmer)
  • 2nd Place: ESU-4 Blue (Palk)
  • 3rd Place:  ESU-2 Benda (Green)


7th Grade House

  • 1st Place: MSL-1 Twilight (Friedman)
  • 2nd Place: MSL-9 Purple (Simmon)
  • 3rd Place: MSL-2 Blue (Lockwood-Shabat)


8th Grade House

  • 1st Place: MSU-6 Rainbow (Awad)
  • 2nd Place: MSU-1 Dawn (Hedges-Klenk)
  • 3rd Place: MSU-4 RWB (Tansill-Todd)


MS Select

  • 1st Place: MSS-1 Blue (Markovic)
  • 2nd Place: MSS-2 Purple (Awad)
  • 3rd Place: MSS-4 Green (Lesan)


9th-12th Grade House

  • 1st Place: HSH-1 Twilight (Gilmer)
  • 2nd Place: HSH-3 Surf (Owens)
  • 3rd Place: HSH-RWB (Treibitz)


4th-5th Grade All-Stars


6th Grade All-Stars

(no picture of the other two teams...)

7th Grade All-Stars


8th Grade All-Stars


MS Select All-Stars

(no picture of the other team...)

9th-12th Grade All-Stars