McLean Youth Volleyball MYV provides house, select and travel volleyball programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes in the greater McLean Virginia VA area including Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston

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HS Select Overview

The HS Select league was created in 2019 as an advanced league for high school players who want to have a competitive volleyball experience without the Club or HS Travel commitment. The first season had over 75 girls on 8 different teams. 

HS Select follows a "BYOT/BYOC" format where a group of friends and aquaintences registers as a team and identifies its own coach(s). The commitment is one 90-minute practice during the week (also optional) and one 90-minute match on Saturdays.

Quick Links

  • Register as Spring 2023 HS Student Player
    • Everyone on a HS Select team must officially register by the February 27 deadline using the 9th-12th Grade Registration form
    • Active club players and HS Travel players cannot participate in HS Select
  • Register Your Own Self-Formed HS Select Team 
    • Deadline is Monday, March 6
  • Reserve Your Spot at the HS Select Tryout ** A link to the new tryout signup was emailed to all registered HS girls
    • If registered as instructed above and not already on a self-formed team, attend the MS Select tryout on Tuesday, March 7 at the McLean HS Main/Lower Gym #2 

What is BYOT? – Bring Your Own Team

  • Similar to adult volleyball leagues, BYOT means a group playing HS Select signs up as a complete team – could be friends, classmates, former teammates, etc.
  • The team must commit to fielding enough girls to play throughout the season – see below for guidelines on substitutes, forfeits and bye-weeks

What is BYOC? – Bring Your Own Coach

  • Each HS Select team identifies its own adult coach(es) -- could be a parent, former coach, etc.
  • Using a designated coach is actually optional -- some HS Select teams simply have team members leading practices and matches

Practices and Matches

  • During registration, HS Select teams have the option to forgo a weekly practice or identify a day of week for a 90-minute practice that works for the entire group
  • HS Select matches are on Saturdays (or Sundays) for 60-minutes following standard HS volleyball rules including unlimited service wins and positional substitution (continuous substitution is also allowed).
  • Everyone on the rosters receives a matching MYA Volleyball uniform for matches

Team Skill Level

  • Because HS Select is open to any level of experience and skill, it's likely that some teams will be naturally stronger than others.  During the first month of the season, the HS Age Group Coordinator (AGC) will assess teams and may alter the schedule so teams with comparable skills play against each other more frequently.
  • Active club players and HS Travel players cannot be on a HS Select roster

Registration Basics

  • The deadline for registering a HS Select team is March 6.
  • Girls planning to play HS Select must first register as an individual and pay the league fee.  Note, there is no extra charge for HS Select.
  • The group then submits a separate team registration including a roster of 8 to 12 girls by the March 6 deadline. Only registered girls can be added to a team roster.  No active club players, MS Select or HS Select players can be on the roster.
  • During team registration, teams also identify a team name, two captains, adult coach(es), a preferred practice day and proposed bye-weeks (up to 2). 

Forfeits, Substitutions, and Bye-Weeks

  • Forfeits: Teams must have a minimum of 5 players per match.  Less than 5 players could lead to a match forfeit.
  • Substitutions: To avoid a possible forfeit, teams captains are allowed to bring in subs not on their roster. The sub must already be registered with MYA Volleyball and can come from any team from any league including MS Select and HS Travel.  However, no substitutes are permitted during playoffs.
  • Bye-Weeks: To avoid a possible forfeit, teams can select 1 or 2 bye-weeks during the season (for beach weekend, prom, graduation activities, etc.) where they won’t be scheduled to play a match.  These dates must be identified by the team registration deadline of March 6.
  • If a team forfeits more than one time, it will not be permitted to participate in playoffs

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