McLean Youth Volleyball MYV provides house, select and travel volleyball programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes in the greater McLean Virginia VA area including Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston

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(last updated 2/11/2021)

MYA Volleyball COVID-19 Protocol

McLean Youth (MYA) Volleyball is committed to the well-being of its participants. Below is the COVID-19 Protocol for the Spring 2021 season following all relevant national, state and local policies and guidelines. It pertains to all players, coaches, referees, league officials, parents and spectators.


  • STAY HOME IF SICK - Anyone who has a fever or is feeling ill should not attend an MYA Volleyball event. See below for the sick participant protocol.
  • MASKS REQUIRED- Sturdy masks must be worn at all MYA Volleyball events, both on and off the court.  No bandanas or neck gaiters are permitted.  Masks must cover both the mouth and nose -- they can only be momentarily lowered to drink water. If a mask is inadvertently dislodged during play, action must stop (and point replayed if a game) until the mask is covering both the mouth and nose again. If a participant's mask is no longer functional or the participant is unwilling to wear an acceptable mask properly, he/she must immediately leave the gym or outdoor playing area. Recommendation: bring a backup mask.
  • HEALTH SCREENING REQUIRED - Prior to participating in a MYA Volleyball scheduled event, players, coaches and referees must pass the County's health screening checklist using the (TBD) mobile app. Related instructions will be posted before the season starts.
  • ONE TEAM IN GYM - At least 15 minutes are scheduled between indoor practices or games. Participants must wait outside (preferably in cars) until the scheduled event start time. The first group must vacate the facility completely before the next group enters. 
  • CLOSED PRACTICES - In addition to team players and coaches, only one parent (other than coaches) is allowed in the gym to help with safety precautions. All other parents and spectators are not permittd in the gym during practices or games.  This same policy does not apply to outdoor games.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING - Participants must practice appropriate social distancing at all times during practices and games. Hugs, handshakes, high-fives and fist-pumps are not permitted.
  • NO SHARING - Each player or coach must bring his/her own mask, hand sanitizer and water. Sharing is not permitted. Using school drinking fountains is discouraged.
  • HAND WASHING - Hand washing and hand sanitizer use is recommended prior to arrival and upon finishing play.
  • EQUIPMENT DISINFECTION - Volleyballs and any shared equipment is disinfected between events.
  • GYM VENTILATION - During indoor practices and games, all gym doors are propped open. Where feasible and permitted, supplementary fans may also be deployed to help circulate air.



  • PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITY - If a player, coach or other MYA Volleyball participant (1) has known exposure to a person who has been tested positive for COVID-19 or a known exposure to a person who has been otherwise diagnosed with COVID-19, (2) has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or (3) has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test), they must do the following:
    • Notify the MYA Volleyball Director immediately by mailing
    • Cease attending MYA Volleyball events
    • Follow the "Return to Play" protocol below
  • MYA VOLLEYBALL RESPONSIBILITY - Per Fairfax County policies, MYA Volleyball must file a report with the Fairfax County Health Department if a participant has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test). This initiates Health Department contact tracing.
  • TEAM NOTIFICATION - If a participant has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test) and has notified the MYA Volleyball as directed, MYA Volleyball will notify the entire team of the exposure while protecting the confidentiality of the individual's identity.
  • TEAM SHUTDOWN - If the participant diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test) attended an in-person team event in the week prior to the diagnosis, MYA Volleyball will shut down the team and cancel all scheduled team events for 14 calendar days. 
  • RETURN TO PLAY - Those identified as having known exposure or have tested positive may return to play after 14 days OR after ALL the following criteria has been met (whichever is longer):
    • Fever-free for at least 72 hours following symptoms
    • AND other respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) improving
    • AND at least 10 days since symptoms first began
    • AND a negative test result is completed by a medical professional



  • Anyone who violates the letter or spirit of this protocol may be disqualified from the season and barred from further participation in MYA Volleyball spring 2021 events.

  • If the actions of an individual knowing placed other participants at risk, the matter is escalated to the MYA President for further disciplinary consideration which may include a life-time ban from all MYA sports.



The following rule modifications are in place for the spring 2021 season.

  • Teams remain on the same side throughout a match and do not change sides between games
  • At the beginning of the match, the team listed in the schedule as the "home" team chooses the side and the team listed as the "visitor" team chooses to either serve or receive first. With each subsequent game in the match, the teams remain on the same side but alternate which team serves first.
  • Referees use electronic whistles only


REFERENCES - National, State and Local

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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