McLean Youth Volleyball MYV provides house, select and travel volleyball programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes in the greater McLean Virginia VA area including Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston

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Girls Spring Volleyball

The March thru June SPRING season is dedicated to GIRLS volleyball.  The program has grown from 200+ players in 2012 to an amazing 820+ players (715 MYV), 195+ volunteer coaches (175 MYV) and 78 teams (69 MYV) in 2019, making it the largest youth volleyball program in Fairfax County by a factor of two. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the spring 2020 season was cancelled.

The next full season for girls is Spring 2021.  Registration will open in January 2021 (we hope)


New in 2020/2021

  • With the Cooper MS gyms closed for constructionall leagues will play more Saturday matches at smaller elementary school gyms and/or gyms outside McLean than in previous years.
  • ES House leagues will no longer use floor tape to designate end lines and service lines - alternatives are currently under consideration.
  • The HS Select league will continue with the BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) and BYOC (Bring Your Own Coach) format. If there are enough teams, the league coudl be broken into two separate divisions.
  • Singles interested in joining a league-formed HS Select team must attend the HS Travel tryout on Tuesday, March 10 @7:15pm to 8:30pm at McLeaen HS Gym #2. 
  • With the popularity of HS Select, HS Travel will only field one team this season. 
  • Rules update/changes: 1) ES Courts return to stardard dimenions 30'x30', 2) Stricter enforcement of illegal lifts, carries and throws, and 3) Attempts to intimidate a player or team including making distracting noises during serves are considered a sportsmanship violation of the MYA Code of Conduct and now have penalties such as points awarded to the other teams and match forfeits. Yup, we've had to finally go there.


Program Structure
The spring season has nine (9) leagues across three programs:

  • "House" is open to all girls regardless of skill and past experience
    • 4th Grade House League (open to advanced 3rd graders)
    • 5th Grade House League (open to advanced 4th graders)
    • 6th Grade House League (open to advanced 5th graders)
    • 7th Grade House League
    • 8th Grade House League
    • 9th-12th Grade House League
  • "Select" is for girls looking for a more competitive experience (optional)
    • MS Select (includes 6th-8th grades) - requires a tryout
    • HS Select (includes 9th-12th grades) - bring own team or attend a tryout
  • "Travel" is the most competitive for girls interested in keeping their skills fresh for the next school season (optional)
    • HS Travel (includes 9th-12th grades) - requires a tryout

Which League Should I Register For?  The House leagues are open to everyone regardless of skill and past volleyball experience, while the MS Select, HS Select and HS Travel leagues are for more advanced players.  Whichever league you target, everyone starts off by registering based on your grade.  The Select and Travel leagues require a tryout which is optional.  Those who earn a spot on a MS Select, HS Select or HS Travel teams will have their registrations automaticially transfered to the appropriate league. All others remain in the House league for their grade. 

When Are Practices? During the spring, MYA Volleyball has access to most school gyms in the McLean-area from Monday through Friday between 5:30pm and 9pm.  Each House and HS Select team practices once per week for 90 minutes on a dedicated court, with MS Select and HS Travel practicing twice a week. One team could practice on Mondays from 5:30pm-7:00pm while another team in the same league could end up practicing on Thursdays from 7:30pm-9:00pm at a different location.  During registration, each participant indicates which days of the week have schedule conflicts and any other special requests (friends, coaches, etc.).  Our schedulers then work to assign each player to a team that practices on a conflict-free evening while honoring special requests.

When Are Matches? House league matches run for 60 minutes (3 games) and are always on Saturdays between 9am and 6pm at schools in the greater McLean area. The scheduling software randomly selects the start times, locations and opponents. MS Select and HS Select matches run for 90 minutes (5 games) and could be on Saturdays or Sundays.  HS Travel league matches are on Wednesday evenings.  Teams only play against teams in the same league.

How Does It Work?  To help illustrate some key points, let's take the example of three sisters in Middle School.  All three start off registering based their school grade, filling out the days of the week with known conflicts and any special requests.

  • The first sister does not attend a MS Select tryout and is placed on a House team that practices on an evening she indicated as conflict-free.  Based on her special requests, the team includes the coach and friends she requested plus several friends who requested her.
  • The second sister attends the optional MS Select tryout but is not selected.  She remains in the House league.  Based on her special requests, she is placed on the same team as her first sister. The team is also assigned a friend the second sister requested and another friend who made a request to play with her.  
  • The third sister attends the optional MS Select tryouts and is offered a spot. Her registration is automatically transfered to the MS Select league with no additional fees.  She is placed on a team that practices on evenings she indicated as conflict-free. 
  • All three play matches on Saturdays sometime between 9am and 6pm with start times, locations and opponents determined by the scheduling software. 


Program Details
For more information, visit the following links:

Calendar - Spring 2020

  • January 1: Registration Opens
  • March 1: Registration Closes
  • March 2-5: MS Select Round 1 Tryouts
  • March 3: Coaches Meeting at the McLean Community Center @7:00pm-8:45pm
  • March 9: MS Select Round 2 Tryout
  • March 10: HS Travel Tryout
  • March 11-21: Free Skills Clinics
  • March 16: HS Travel, HS Select and MS Select Practices begin
  • March 16: House Team Rosters and Schedules Published
  • March 23: House Team Practices Begin
  • March 28: Match #1
  • April 4-12: FCPS Spring Break GYMS CLOSED
  • April 18: Match #2
  • April 25: Match #3
  • May TBD: Used Equipment Collection 
  • May 2: Match #4
  • May 9: Match #5
  • May 9: Team Picture Day #1 at McLean HS
  • May 16: Match #6 aand Three-in-A-Row Froyo Challenge
  • May 16: Team Picture Day #2 at McLean HS
  • May 23-25: Memorial Day Weekend GYMS CLOSED
  • May 29-30: Playoffs for House and Select Leagues
  • June 2-5: Internal All-Star Matches (4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th-12th House Leagues)
  • June 6-7: Regional All-Star Tournaments (6th, MS Select Leagues, HS Select)

Please contact with your questions.